Lucy Diggs

American author of whom I know very little. She appears to have written about five books, two of which seem very rare. Amongst her works are two pony-related titles. There are some reviews (good) of Everyday Friends on the book's sale page on

Horse & Pony Books:

(ATHENEUM  [USA] 1986)
Reprinted in paperback by Troll in 1987
SUMMARY: Overshadowed by her accomplished older sister, thirteen-year-old Marcy feels insecure and incapable of sticking to any project or activity until she meets Natasha, an accomplished horsewoman, and determines to learn to ride herself.

SUMMARY: JoBob finds a sense of accomplishment when he spots the potential in the pinto horse Blue and trains the horse to do well in local shows. But his unpleasant father is not happy with his devotion to the horse and the stables. When JoBob refuses to aid him with his cruel cock-fighting activities, his father takes revenge by getting rid of Blue.

Collector's Info:
Both books are very easy to find in the USA, especially the paperback editions. Harder else-where, but because they are low cost it shouldn't cost too much to buy them from America.